Sherston Book Club

Sherston Book Club meets once a month to discuss a book chosen by one of the members.

Twice a year we draw up a list of book titles which range from the classics to contemporary authors. The person who has suggested the book gives a little presentation. This can take the form of a short description of the story, something about the author or history of the book, likes and dislikes of the literary style, short readings of favourite passages, recording of someone reading or any other device to illustrate their thoughts on the book. Everyone else then pitches in with their views on the book. It is quite rare that there is unanimous approval! It is all very friendly and unintimidating (accompanied by a glass or two of wine!). One of the great things that we have all found is that we are honour bound to read books that we might not have thought of reading if left to our own devices. This has lead to the delight in discovering new authors or confirming why one was not attracted before.

New members are always welcome. No joining fees, other than contributing a bottle of wine occasionally. We meet the second Tuesday in the month at 48 The Tarters.

Contact: Sue McKechnie
Phone: 01666 840601


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