BT Infinity – Information for internet users

BT are rolling out BT Infinity across the country. BT Infinity is system to connect subscribers to their local telephone exchanges by using fibre optic technology, giving much faster and more reliable access to broadband internet.

Currently BT have stated that exchanges that have fewer than 1000 subscribers will not be automatically considered for upgrade (this includes Sherston). However, users can influence this decision by logging on to and registering their interest. Currently only 25 (out of 973) people on the Sherston exchange have registered and I urge all users to take a few moments to log on and register – you don’t have to be a BT customer. BT state that they will consider the situation if more than 75% register an interest.

This is a repeat of what happened a few years ago when BT said that Sherston did not qualify for Broadband, but because so many subscribers registered an interest then, BT eventually provided the service on our exchange.

There is a need for better broadband access in our area and here is a chance to influence BT – go on, do it now even if you get your broadband through another supplier.

Go to and key in your post code.

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