New lease of life for Sherston’s old school

Sherston’s old village school building has been given a new lease of life.

The handsome Victorian edifice in Sherston High Street has stood empty since February 2005, when it was made redundant by the opening of the new village school.

It has now been acquired for the village by Sherston Old School Community Interest Company (SOSCIC) and Wiltshire Council has given planning permission that will allow the building to be used to provide a range of goods, services and activities for the good of the community.

The first step along this path will be the provision of space for a new enlarged post office and general store. Following this, there will be a number of units available to let within the building. It’s envisaged that these will be taken up by shops, offices and businesses of various kinds, with the possibility of some space also being available for non-commercial community use. The vision is for the Old School to be a hive of activity, providing a range of goods and services in the centre of the village.

To turn this vision into reality, SOSCIC has received generous grants and donations including significant amounts from two locally based charitable trusts. They are the Eleanor Barton Trust and the Sam Thompson Fund.

For full article click here.

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