And they’re off!

Sherston’s intrepid five, with late stand-in support driver James Pyle, left the village at 8am on Monday 11th July, on their 320 mile odyssey to Gien, south of Paris.

Their TH White-sponsored trailer packed with spares, high-calorie nutrition and “special”cream (in Asos we trust…), they planned to reach Portsmouth by night-fall. Then 2 1/2 days more pedalling through France to, hopefully, a warm and wet welcome from the Gien boules fraternity Thursday lunchtime. Bastille Day – so potentially quite a welcome! They head for home by car Friday morning, and just might be spotted at The Rattlebone pre-Boules Day party on Friday evening…

Follow them on their ‘Sherston-a-Gien’ Facebook page (and maybe pledge a donation).

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