Junior Boules Tournament Report by Rachel Wagstaff

The Junior Boules tournament seems to grow in popularity each year! This year we had a record 22 entrants and managed to accommodate all the teams by adding in an extra round.

And don’t be fooled by the diminutive size or young age of some of the teams and players; the juniors are no slouches – there were some fantastic players and teams this year, really wowing the crowd that never diminished for the 6 hours that the tournament took to reach a conclusion. One of the reasons for the amount of time it took (other than the number of teams all playing off 1 pitch!), was the number of closely fought games that were had. The tone was set with the very first match when Garcia Cleggs beat The Flower Girls 7-6 to get the tournament off to a nail-biting start.

20 matches later and we were left with 2 worthy finalists – Clueless, Useless, Bouleless v The Bon Bons. Boys v Girls; Year 6 v Year 5. In the boy’s corner were James Irving, Dominic Evans and Sam Watling. In the girl’s corner were Maisy Phillips, Hannah Cadle and Eleanor Stevans. The standard of play in the final confirmed why these 2 teams had triumphed in earlier rounds. The Clueless, Useless, Bouleless boys (sorry, that was their team name!), galloped into an early lead but The Bon Bons pegged them back with some brilliant bombs and accurate throws. Clueless, Useless, Bouleless eventually proved too strong for The Bon Bons though, winning 11-6.

So well done to James, Dominic and Sam for a brilliant performance, and watch out everyone next year as The Bon Bons will have another opportunity to enter the tournament and go one better!

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