Boules & Carnival Planning Meeting

Happy new year to everyone!

Well although it’s only January, time has come to start thinking about Boules and Carnival 2014 – Boules Day will be Sat 12 July 2014.

A kick off meeting is planned for Tues 21 January at 8pm (location small hall at the Village Hall) so that we can make the Cliffhanger deadline for the Feb edition.
The main purpose is to start off the registration for team places – Paul Frogatt will be running the boules competition this year – and to get the dates out on various websites and Facebook pages.

Next will be to see if we can fill the various positions which are yet to be filled:
Co-ordinator / Chair
One of the main roles we have to fill is that of co-ordinator/chair. We really need someone to keep the grid up to date and keep on top of progress made.
PR Sponsorship – largely pitch side Toblerones rather than a main sponsor
Treasurer – ideally someone who lives close to the High St as there is a lot of toing and froing on the day itself
Logistics Help
Website guru
Quiz – though this could always be dropped from the week

Think that covers the main vacancies but sure more will come out at the meeting.
Please pass the word on to anyone you think may be interested and available to help – they may not even need to attend meetings if they prefer not to as long as they keep us posted with progress.

Obviously if you can’t make the meeting but would like to be involved , please let us know.

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