Malmesbury and District u3a continues to thrive through extended Lockdown

In spite of all the optimism of covid vaccinations we remain in lockdown and we long to meet friends and family. We need all the support and companionship we can get. So look no further than Malmesbury and District u3a. If you are retired or semi retired and enjoy meeting people while learning something new then there are around 40 different interest groups to tempt you. Even though at the moment groups cannot meet in person some groups do meet online. 
What there is for all 400 members to enjoy are talks on Zoom now planned right through to April. These have regularly brought the community together allowing members to have a brief chat before the talks, cup of coffee in hand, in their own homes.
At u3a we maintain a sense of togetherness and community when ordinary social actvity is so stringently curtailed. 

Contact the membership secretary, Elaine Sharpe 01666 823568, become a member and enjoy the general talks. Then explore all the opportunities and get involved as soon as the present covid restrictions allow. In normal times u3a meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at Malmesbury town hall from 10 – 11.45 for tea/coffee a chat and to listen to a monthly speaker. You can find more information on our website

February 25th. Ritual and Belief during the time of Stonehenge
John Hammond

March 11th. The Cleveland Connection: revisiting the Intriguing Story of Malmesbury’s Oilmen 
Sue Poolman

March 25th. Poetry, Feminism and Creativity 
Lesley Saunders (in conversation with Sue Hammond)

April 8th. Malmesbury in the news from the 1830s
Susan Mockler

April 22nd. The Work of Marie Curie 
Riona Houghton

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