As temperatures drop to a more normal level, many local households will be regretting the passing
of our “Indian Summer”.

This is a time of struggle for many, families working out how to afford Christmas. Pensioners starting
to debate with themselves about ‘heating or eating’. At HEALS, we know all about these
conversations. They are happening daily in our Office in Malmesbury Town Hall.

As a local community social welfare charity, HEALS are here to help in any way that we can. We are
already the largest issuer of Foodbank vouchers. Our part time staff work long hours to help people
to sort out their debts, press landlords to do necessary repairs, help replace essential household
equipment, and help vulnerable people many with physical and mental challenges to get the support
they deserve. These demands are growing fast. We fear that need is going to accelerate very rapidly
in the New Year.

We have expanded our winter welfare programme to bring a little more festive cheer to those who
are struggling in addition to growing our Hardship Fund. Already the number of families on our
HEALS Pantomime trip is up 50%. So are the number of children being provided with a new toy and
Christmas goodies this year compared to last. The same pattern is emerging at the other end of the
age spectrum.

This is the sixth year of our Christmas Community Lunch. The number of diners have grown year on
year. This year, over 150 elderly people have been invited. The largest number ever. We also know
that for many, this is their main Christmas celebration and we will make it the best one possible!

None of this is possible without our army of volunteers, generous sponsors and donors who give at
every level. But we know we have to do more as we face up to the growing need in our community.

In response, HEALS has stepped up our work. In July, we launched our Community Frige and
Freezer to ensure that perfectly good supermarket food from the Co-op and Aldi did not go to
landfill but rather fed local people. For our Christmas Challenge, we found new sponsors to pledge
£2,000 which will be doubled by national funding to create a £4,000 war chest. The Big Give will use
this to double every donation made through them to HEALS for just one week from Tuesday 29 th
November to 6 th December. San the QR code to donate online.

You can help HEALS to help your neighbours this Winter by making a donation to HEALS during the
Big Give. Every £ of your generosity will make twice the impact for local people and their families.

Thank you

Donation Link same as QR code – https://donate.thebiggive.org.uk/campaign/a056900002O4oNFAAZ

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