Grove Wood

Sherston Parish Council rents Grove Wood for a peppercorn rent from a local farmer for the enjoyment of the village. The trees are mainly hazel, oak and sycamore and have not been managed for many years. From 2009 when a Tree Warden and deputy were appointed there has been an active programme starting with an Open Morning in December 2009 to attract volunteers. We were very fortunate that a local arborist, John Lloyd, came forward and has guided us into a management programme beginning in January 2010. The first third, Mill End, was cleared of brambles etc and the old hazel stools were coppiced over several very cold Sundays. Nesting boxes were attached to trees and snowdrops were planted by the river In the summer the Cotswold Wardens began making steps up into the wood for what will be a circular woodland path.

The next phase is to clear and coppice the middle section, called Riverside, and the paths will be improved and made more accessible into the higher part of the wood. Volunteers are very welcome.

We invite people to participate in a survey called Woodwatch by entering anything they have seen, heard or photographed below. This could be plants, animals, birds, insects or anything else biological! Please date when you made your observation.

Tree Warden: Irene Johnston 01666841273

Deputy:Sue McKechnie 01666 840601


5 Responses to Grove Wood

  1. Sue McKechnie says:

    The snowdrops planted last spring are flowering now

  2. Martin Rea says:

    Today there are wood anemone, celandine, sweet violet and wild daffodil in flower – the latter were planted in October and look wonderful. Plenty of other plants now growing well especially in the area cleared over the winter of 2009/10.

  3. Martin Rea says:

    Just back from the wood and the bluebells are coming out everywhere .There’s no doubt that opening up the wood particuarly along the top edge has made a fantastic difference to the amount of flower.

    This wonderful weather has certainly brought the bluebells out very early.They are flowering alongside the yellow celandine and white anemone – many with a hint of pink now .For those interested there are some great photo opportunities at the moment.

  4. Martin Rea says:

    The Community Payback team have now as good as finished the woodland path and around 75% of it is mulced.It looks great and well worth a look.

    Noticed that Lady’s Smock or Cuckoo Flower ( Caradine pratensis ) is now in flower by the river at the Quarry end of the wood.

  5. Sue McKechnie says:

    Just seen and heard a jay in the wood. Nut hatches have been seen too. Brimstone and red admiral butterflies are enjoying the nettles! Pink campion and buttercups are much in evidence.
    A huge branch from a very old, large oak tree near the top fence has broken off and John Lloyd is hoping to make a bench from the timber, to be placed in the wood.

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