Chess Success

We caught up with Chess whizz Emily Vaughan from Sherston school and asked her a few questions on how she got to be selected to play Chess for England.

Q: When did you first take an interest in Chess?
A: I began playing chess when I was in Year 2 at Sherston (aged 6) when I joined the Chess Club.

Q: What first attracting you to the game?
A: I wanted to try a new hobby.

Q: How old are you now?
A: I’m 10 now but I’m playing for the England Girls U 11’s.

Q: How much time to you spend practising in an average week?
A: I practise about 2 hours a week on average. I play at fun days, against other people on the Internet, against Chess Master on the computer, at School Chess Club, with friends and family and I have coaching in Swindon.

Q: What tournaments have you won?
A: Tournaments I’ve won so far are the West of England Championship, Wessex under 7.8 and 9 Suprema and I play for the County u 11’s.

Q: How did you get put forward to try for England Girls?
A: The way I was picked for England was through the manager of the England team writing to the manager of the County team and he recommended me to be put forwards for selection.

Q: What will happen next with you representing England Girls?
A: I have just played for England South/ South West Girls against the North/North East Girls and our team won by one point! I won one game and lost one.

Q: How would you sum up how you feel about representing England Girls?
A:Playing for England makes me feel really proud and happy.

Next Sherston School open day is Tuesday June 26 th 2012.

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